Growth comes from Learning

People often comment on or ask me why I do so much learning. Monthly, weekly and daily, I ‘work on myself’. Every time I get the question, I realise that this is not a natural habit for that many. It shocks me and then I remember that our natural tendencies are not...

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August and September Shiny Shove Archive

August 6: Show Up For Yourself  - It's easy to forget to show up for yourself, yet doing so is one of the most important things you can do. August 15: What Are You...

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A great question to ask yourself: What will support or sustain me? At times of great stress, it’s easy to lose yourself to overthinking things, doing things that don’t seem to make a difference or even thinking negative thoughts. Caught in the grip of the overwhelm of...

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Questions shape our lives and are the key to change. We ask questions to progress, to grow, to know. When we have something we don’t know about, don’t know how to do, are unclear on or unsatisfied with, we ask questions to move us forward. It’s in our human nature to...

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Questions let us know so much more than answers Questions are powerful guides to living a shiny life. Good questions make us think, feel, and decide. Consequently, they make us more aware. They make us feel something – good AND bad, which then makes us take some form...

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Give Yourself Spaciousness

Giving yourself the chance to experience wide vistas once in a while is one of the most freeing experiences you can allow. I mean standing on an open plain, looking out at nothing. Staring out at the sea, watching waves roll over each other as they head toward the...

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