Give Yourself Spaciousness

by | Aug 12, 2016 | LIFE HACK, MINDSET

Giving yourself the chance to experience wide vistas once in a while is one of the most freeing experiences you can allow. I mean standing on an open plain, looking out at nothing. Staring out at the sea, watching waves roll over each other as they head toward the shore and back out again. Or simply standing in a field, looking out at the golden wheat or green crops or even dark brown soil.

 A vast black yet starlit night sky reminds us how small we are, in the big big world and it gives a sense of perspective to all we are and do. Give yourself the chance to feel your soul shrink and expand with the joy of the thoughts of being only a tiny part of the whole, as well as the thrill of seeing the vastness and being a part of it all. 

Taking the chance to reconnect with yourself and all that surrounds you makes you pay attention. Plan a trip to somewhere you can truly breathe in the magnificence of space and nature soon. I promise, it will nourish your heart and soul if you let it.

Let Your Heart

Run Free


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