virtual visions

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Robert Ingersoll

NEXT workshop:  Saturday 17 october, 2020 


Whether you are new to creating vision boards or an old hand at it, the truth is that when you want a little magical assistance to get what you want, it’s one of the most powerful ways to draw to you what you want.

Spending time crafting and creating your future is never wasted, and the culmination of all of that planning in one visual representation that you can energise every day is a key way to manifest your desired life, and FAST! 🙂 

Each year, each season, we change. We experience new things, we get excited by our learning, experiences, people and new things. In order to make the most of that, you must take stock and start a new plan!

Looking back is informative, sobering and usually enlightening. Letting yourself look back at what you’ve achieved, and what you’ve missed the mark on, gives you an extraordinary power. It’s a springboard to looking ahead at what you now want to create.

Planning for YOUR FUTURE is ESSENTIAL! (but it doesn’t have to be boring!)

We are all Creators and we can make our lives as great as we want them to be. It just takes a little time out, some good questions and a nice atmosphere in which to think, ponder, review and identify your desires for how you want your next year to be.

Once you’ve created the Plan, a Vision Board will help to remind you of what you are longing for. It shows you daily what you want to make happen and look forward to enjoying. It keeps these ‘front of mind’.

Here’s the workshop that is coming up:

Saturday 17th October, 2020 -CENTRAL LONDON

This hands on workshop is a chance for you to set your own course, take charge of your life and help guide you and make your next few months (and beyond!) amazing. 

Here’s how it works:

You’ll be creating celebration through looking back on your successes, and certainty by looking at what you can learn to leave behind that you no longer want or don’t want to bring forward.

It’s such fun to wake up to a new board for the year! Vision boards are a continuous visual reminder of what you want to create, what you want to feel and experience every day. You choose what to focus on and how you want to represent it. Your Vision Board is a proven way to get more of what you want in your life with much less effort. It’s simple: what you focus on comes into view, into being.

I look forward to Helping You Shine as you Shape Your Future!

There will be a variety of snacks to keep you going for the duration of the workshop so you can focus on creating your life as you want it. We start by running through a set of questions that will help you see clearly where you want to go and what you want to put into next year as we see this one out. You need bring nothing other than yourself, though many will find it useful to bring your 2019 diary to help you look back and squeeze out the learning and the joy from the year that has just passed.

Numbers are limited to just 20 for each workshop because of the room size – first come first served!

All equipment and materials are provided and I guarantee you will come out energised and inspired to take on the rest of 2020 with excitement and anticipation! (Scroll down for answers to questions you may have!)

I’ve made some “I want” boards in the past, but this was Vision boards on a whole new level. Loved the space that Helena created for us to explore before we even touched a magazine and scissors. My board is so much more powerful for the guidance received and the process we followed. I love mine!   If you’ve heard of vision boards, then this is the only course you need to consider. Explore your vision with an amazing guide in Helena, and leave with a powerful weapon for manifesting your chosen future!

Sarah Ross

CEO, Your Reason to Breathe

It was all wonderful. I felt safe, I felt accepted, I felt warm and comfortable as if I was in your lounge with a group of lovely friends sharing a nice time together… Just do it, it’s so much more than creating a Vision Board, it’s eye-opening, intuitive and so much bloody fun 🙂

Deborah McPhilemy

Chief Executive Bear, Teddy's Inc.


What time does the event start and end?

We kick off at 10am, with arrival happening from 9.30am. We aim to finish by 3.30pm, with room for ‘stragglers’ to end at 4pm.

Should I attend only one vision board workshop in a year?

Some people love to make a vision board at the start of the year, in January to set themselves up for the year and then work with that energy for the rest of the year.

But the magic that happens and the life changes that take place mean that when YOU are ready for a new plan or if you know you’ve completed and attracted most of what’s on your current vision board, then it’s time to do a new board. That means that some people create one or two or even three in the space of a year. 

Some people love to come to the workshop just to have the space to check in and re-energise themselves, allowing new things and desires to emerge too. Trust yourself: stop for a moment right now and check in with the whole of you and ask: “Is now the right time for me to make a vision board for my life?”. Then notice the answer and follow that truth. 

Where is the event taking place?

For the 17th October 2020, we have a wonderful space in the heart of Central London, close to transport and shops. When you sign up, you’ll get all the details.

Can I bring my kids or my friends?

This is a great workshop for teens (and some as young as 10 enjoy it too). If you want to make this a ‘family affair’ it’s a great thing to do together. That’s true for business partners, life partners and great friends too – it allows you to share the joy as things start to happen. Whatever your situation, come and enjoy the company of others who are looking to take charge of their lives, ready to bring some joy and delight into it. 

Is food provided?

There will be snacks a plenty, and we will stop for lunch so feel free to bring something with you that you will love or nip out to get something whilst you stretch your legs. There are shops nearby 🙂 I do my best to accommodate healthy, naughty and allergy friendly snacks!

What do I need to bring with me?

It’s useful for some to bring their diary from the previous year or so, to get a sense of patterns to either maintain or eliminate. I highly recommend you bring layered clothing – one person’s ‘hot’ is another’s ‘Siberia’! And if you have a favourite notebook and pens you love, bring those too. Don’t worry if you don’t have these, you will be provided with all this at the workshop.

You may want to photograph yourself, and bring those (printed) images with you, your family, or even company logos. Anything that you know will be hard to get from a magazine is the rule of thumb here. Usually that’s the personal things in life. 

What If I have never made a vision board before?! (or: Do I need to know what I’m doing?!)

I’m pleased to say I love it when new people ‘stop by’ and make their boards for the first time. No experience needed – and in fact it’s actively discouraged in these sessions! Bring as blank a you as you can to the workshop and we’ll guide you through all that needs to happen.

If I have any more questions, what can I do to get them answered?

Email me –  I will look to answer you within 24 hours unless it’s the weekend 🙂