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Sanity Check Call
30 Min call


A 30 minute clarity call for when you want to talk through an idea that seems crazy but just wont leave you alone. Whether you have a new idea for a product, a conversation that needs to be had or one you want to review, or if you just need to make sure you are still on track, having a Sanity Check call can make all the difference to you taking action rather than sitting in the distraction.

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Sounding Board Session

2 hour  call


This session is a more indepth discussion around a particular area of your life or business that you want to shine a light on. We can talk through an outline for a book or an online course; we can develop a workshop outline or a signature talk; we can go over something practical and skills based so you walk away being able to do a particular thing. Really, this is two hours of borrowing my connections, creativity and skills in business and life that can get you back on track and making money and progress.

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SHAPE your Business

1 day 121 Plus two check in calls


This one day intensive will support you in identifying and setting up the business YOU love. Whether you are starting out, or redefining or adding products or services, this day will help you get the clarity on who you are and why your business is important, who you serve, and then what products you deliver. We’ll shape your processes and settle on the price structure in your business, as well as establishing what platforms and in what presence you need to show up. Some of this will be based on ‘Strategy On A Page’ and some other modelling that has been developed by me over time working with business owners who shy away from success!

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SHAPE your Content

1 day 121 plus two check in calls


This one day intensive will get your ideas out of your head and into a shape and structure that will help you be easy to learn from and buy from. Whether you want to run a workshop, develop an online course, deliver a presentation or simply identify how to show up on social media, you will benefit from stepping back and identifying what you need to say, how you need to say or deliver it and why you are doing it in the first place. You will come out with a structure for your product, a complete implementation plan and a clear sense of what the commercial, social and visibility benefits are of running your event, doing your talk or creating your online product.

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6 months intensive support


This 6 month programme is only by application only. It is for dedicated ambitious business owners who are ready to step up and do what it takes to succeed through a systematic approach. The programmes provides Shape, Structure and Support for you and your business to grow. We kick off with a 1 day Strategy On A Page 121, developing a long term vision, purpose and plan for your business. Through weekly accountability and action setting calls for the first three months you will build up your business so that it suits your lifestyle, capacity and desires. We meet again half way through to SHAPE your additional recurring revenue products – developing your sales funnel so that you can systemise and hone your profits in the business. We continue to build your success with twice monthly calls and get you self-sufficient by the end of the 6 months when we celebrate all you have achieved.

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DODDLE Day Workshop

£127 / 97

A one day workshop to ‘get things done’. Make progress a possibility with a Day of Doing, Developing, Learning and Evolving. Work on a project that you are just starting off, or need to finish. Write a book outline; get your social media plan for the quarter done; develop a new product; get your head around your profit and loss accounts; learn how to finally do those FB adverts you’ve been putting off….you get the idea. Bring with you whatever you know you want to start, progress or complete and do it in a calm, focused and supportive atmosphere where you can ask questions, get help and not be distracted from all the other things that might pull you off track! Includes lunch and breaks for fun and learning!
Get Your Workshop Done
If you know you need to develop a workshop or create an online seminar, but have no clue where to begin, THIS is the workshop for you. Through the day you’ll craft your idea into a tangible workshop plan that you can use to create the impact, influence and income you deserve.

  • Learn which ONE idea to shape into a talk, workshop or seminar
  • Focus solely on crafting that one idea into a well-structured presentation or workshop that will allow your audience to understand you, engage with your concepts and experience a connection with you and your material
  • Create interactive exercises and intentional discussion to support your learners in really ‘getting’ what you are talking about at a visceral level, and even go and DO something about it

Learn how to structure your information for any future workshops or ideas by running it through the ‘4 EASE’ model

The Vision Board and Wonder Space Workshop


Virtual Workshop

£140 / 97

In Person including light

lunch and all materials

£165 / 125

The SHINY vision board workshops are now in their 19th year and hundreds of people have done it (many several times!). It’s a tried and tested way to bring your mind and heart into focus on what you want and energise it so it becomes a reality in your life.

This workshop is NOT just about handing you a pair of scissors, some magazines and saying go create your life! I’ll get you in right into the state  to be in and and help you tap into how you want to feeeeeel. (THAT’s what makes the magic happen!). We work through a beautiful process, before the crafty bit begins!. The end result is a collaged board that represents what you want to do, be and have in your life that will inspire and delight you for the next 1-3 years.

We start by celebrating your successes, and get you certainty by looking at what you can learn to leave behind that you no longer want or don’t want to bring forward. You will create your Vision Board as a continuous visual reminder of what you want to create, what you want to feel and experience every day. You choose what to focus on and how you want to represent it – your Vision Board is a proven way to get more of what you want in your life with much less effort. What you focus on comes into view, into being.

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Shine And Rise Business Café

The Monthly Cafe £89

The Cafe & a 30 Minute call £150

The Cafe & a 60 minute call £200

The Shine and Rise Business Café is here to ensure you stay Energised, Educated, and Inspired as you run your business and grow it into something that finances your dreams, fuels your drive and makes you feel proud!

This is an ‘affordable accountability’ meeting which means you’ll get a chance to spend time with other like minded business owners, focus on your progress and discuss next actions with people who ‘get it’ and are keen to grow and learn more to build their business. There is upgraded membership to which include a 30 or 60 minute call for more 121 attention.


Now that we can meet together again, there are two options:

1) In Person Café – We meet once a month, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, in Croydon, from 11.15am – 4.15pm*. There’s a free breakfast on from 9 – 11 so you can socialise and get set for the day too 🙂

2) Online Café – We meet twice monthly, in the 2nd (a 2 hour ‘sprint’) and 4th weeks (a 5 hour ‘working’ shop).

Whichever Café you attend, you’ll share your successes, do and accountability check on your commitments, look at your progress on your business metrics, have a short coaching session to keep you moving in the right direction and identify your next steps, have lunch and get on with some work to start your momentum.

Please note – this is by application only, please click here to book a 20 minute conversation in the diary.
* if for any reason you can’t make it in person, you are welcome to join the full online session


Structure For Stars live online programme

12 weeks online


This 3 month programme is delivered live weekly. It is for dedicated ambitious business owners who are ready to step up and do what it takes to succeed through a systematic approach. Week by week, we work through putting in the firm foundations in your business – working through 7 core areas so your efforts are balanced and your responsibility for the whole business is ensured. Through weekly learning and accountability calls you’ll set yourself an action plan and put in place the structure and systems that will allow you to have more freedom, trust and ownership.

These three months you will build up your business so that it suits your lifestyle, capacity and desires. You will:

  • Shape Your Offers
  • Share Your Passion
  • Sequence Your Service
  • Structure Your Numbers
  • Support Your Growth
  • Systemise Your Success
  • Succeed As YOU

This programme is not for the feint of heart – you will be working to build the foundations and there is a commitment of time, focus and energy required. Between 2-3 hours time will need to be dedicated weekly for 12 weeks. You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered and there will be a check in around what you’ve done / not done. You may be taken off the programme if you do not do the work. This programme is going to help you put the foundations in so you can grow steadily and easily, making more money and attracting just the right clients to you with less effort and time than you are currently doing.

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3 Month Coaching – Online or Hybrid of offline kick off meeting with online coaching


This programme is not for the feint of heart. It requires honest self evaluation, commitment to your heart, and the quiet courage to discover and then go for what you want.

The 3 month programme kicks off with a half day intensive session – designed to help you identify just where your life is not delivering what you want. We then build your own programme content within the context of the  SHINE framework, to create your recipe for feeling SAFE, HAPPY, INSPIRED, NEEDED AND EXPRESSED.

Most of us lose our way at times in life. Maybe you are at a crossroads, maybe life has never quite lived up to the expectations you have of it. Maybe you’ve just ended one ‘chapter’ and a new one is on you and you just want to make sure you’re still on track and aligned with your soul.

Once the Kick-Off session is complete, we do bi-weekly coaching sessions over 3 months, of 60-90 minutes. You’ll get to celebrate your successes, detail explorations and experiments and get the tools you need to support you in really feeling grounded in all 5 areas. Typically the first month is spent focused on building SAFE into all your contexts – work, life, love, health, wealth.

No stone remains unturned! In month 2 the coaching is centred on you accessing what makes you Happy, and how you are Inspired. Finally in month 3, we’ll work out how you are Needed, and how all that gets Expressed. There’s a fluidity around all the coaching as you are building a life you love, and you learn to trust yourself to be deciding, experimenting & choosing for you.  It’s your life, I want you to be in charge of it and trust yourself to be your own guide. The programme is built to facilitate that and I’ll be honoured to show you the signposts along the way. From the experience of working with people this deeply, I know that miracles will show up as you allow yourself to name the things you want so you can move through life with full freedom, trust and creativity.

These three months you will build up your resilience and power to accommodate your (new) lifestyle, capacity and desires. You will establish the your own recipe for how to Succeed As YOU. 

Among other things, you’ll do this through:

  • Identifying your safety and support map
  • Examining your passion and know how it shows up
  • Understanding how you like be be seen
  • Accessing your Quiet Courage
  • Knowing how you are most needed and by whom
  • Connecting to your vital energy and starting to smile (again)
  • Building an unshakable trust in yourself so you can truly be in charge
  • Putting in place some boundaries and opening up to new experiences
  • Pushing back against your blocks and putting some of your past behind you
  • Challenging yourself to stretch and show up more in your world

If it’s time for you to really start living again, in your vital energy, waking with a smile on your face, ready to share who you are, and able to handle what life throws at you, then consider taking this life changing 3 month journey with me.

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